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Kosher Salt


Kosher Salt: Contemporary Jewish American Folk Poetry, Humor, and Philosophic Farfel muses on everything from the Jewish people as “marathon runners” to the Statue of Liberty’s important message to the world. Some of Kruger’s poems are playful and epigrammatic. Others deliver undeniable truths about human nature and the state of contemporary cultural identity. Although each poem speaks directly to you and doesn’t mince words, certain fanciful verses may be taken with a grain of kosher salt!

Octogenarian Kruger keeps her gentle humor intact in pointed observations about everything from cybersecurity to the spirituality of dogs. Some insightful poems are guaranteed to make you smile. Others will spark powerful emotions and force you to think about your community and your own identity. Each offers the simple gift of a whimsical idea, a wise word, or a different way of looking at the world.


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The Swift Seasons takes readers deep into the lives of octogenarians in a retirement community as they learn to live with themselves and each other. At the heart of the story is octogenarian Willa Warsaw, who spends her days dreaming about Oliver Wendell Holmes until she meets a man who is alive and has the power to draw her out of herself. Full of memorable characters, sharp insights into aging, and the wisdom of Oliver Wendell Holmes, The Swift Seasons is a treasured gift, a celebration of living long enough to grow old, and a meditation on things that endure or change as we age.

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cobbler's last 2


The Cobbler’s Last is a funny and timeless tale of award-winning writer Mollee Kruger’s youth and her resiliant Jewish family during the Great Depression and World War II. This gentle memoir recounts the struggle of an imaginative child during uncertain times much like the present. Not since the Main Street of Sinclair Lewis has a small town been examined with such honesty and insightful humor. Octogenarian poet and essayist Mollee Kruger “holds an eye” on America’s past, present, and future.

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Purse of Humorous Verse


A Purse of Humorous Verse for the Jewish Woman includes 109 rhymed verses (2 prose essays), 10 topical sections, Explanatory introductions “We Are Amused” and “Mameloshen”, on many aspects of Jewish women and humor.

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