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Mollee Kruger, 87, has just published The Swift Seasons, a quirky novel that takes a rare, humorous, and unsentimental look at life among aging residents in an independent living facility. Based on the author’s own experiences, the book describes the foibles and resilience of an elderly group of strangers learning to live out the rest of their years together in harmony at breakfast. Octogenarian Kruger realistically outlines the struggles between negativity and acceptance among the very old. In a quest for meaning and identity, the narrative describes how a fictional widow, Willa Warsaw, stumbles across a timeless prescription for survival, thanks to the wisdom of her hero, 19th century author Oliver Wendell Holmes.

In the seventy-five years since her first published poem, Kruger has written eight books, including a 2010 memoir about small town life during the Great Depression and World War II. Although The Swift Season  is Mollee Kruger’s first novel, she says, “Two more  books are in the hopper.” 

One reviewer comments, “If you have an 80-something in your life this is an illuminating read…and you’ll never look at senior adults the same way.” Another says, “So beautiful, so immersing, reading it on the bus this morning I almost missed my stop.” 

The Swift Seasons is available on Amazon and in bookstores, and more information about Mollee Kruger can be found here

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