Press Release


Kosher Salt: Contemporary Jewish-American Folk Poetry, Humor, and Philosophic Farfel is Kruger’s long-awaited first collection of poems in twelve years.

With whimsy, nostalgia, and a dash of kosher salt for extra flavor, the octogenarian poet presents a potpourri of topics that have delighted readers for more than fifty years. The  collection contains numerous poems from her widely syndicated column “Unholy Writ”, which began in 1967 and continued in the Anglo-Jewish press until 1987.

Kosher Salt also includes unpublished new work, recent award-winning selections, both light and serious, and readers’ favorite poems from her out-of-print books.

This is a rare look at Mollee Kruger’s work over nearly six  decades. Kinship, friendship, community, history, religious observance, and patriotism are basic themes, but the most universal is family, presented in rhymed vignettes, depicting characters all readers will recognize.

With warmth and empathy Mollee Kruger continues to write about diversity,generational differences, the experiences of the foreign-born in our country, and the contrasting daily lives of their American-born children and grandchildren. Also included is a convenient glossary, translating Yiddish expressions. Of special interest is the author’s wry commentary on fellow poets and poetry. Readers from diverse backgrounds will enjoy the universal references to  Biblical characters. Others may appreciate this inside view that paints a  positive, more human picture of a historic people throughout the ages.

 Just in time for the festive holiday season ahead! Soon to be available on Amazon, Kindle, and local book stores. Watch for Kosher Salt! For more ordering information contact Mira Kruger at